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The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Fifteen - The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

After Sheldon reveals a huge spoiler in a Harry Potter book that Leonard is reading he looses it and it leads to a huge argument.  Infuriated with Sheldon Leonard decides to move in with Penny much to her dismay as she is not ready.  Sheldon has similar issues when Amy decides to move in with him and neither Sheldon or Penny can come up with a logical argument why it shouldn't happen.  Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette go away for a few days and Raj looks in on Howard's mother for him.  However, Raj becomes trapped and cannot escape the clutches of Howard's mother.  Big moment though as you finally get to see Howard's mother, however it is only a few quick glances as she runs across a doorway and you don't get to see her face.  This was a very funny episode and I loved Penny and Sheldon trying to work out how they could get out of their situations without hurting their partners feelings.  Another great Big Bang Theory episode.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Fourteen - The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

After Howard and Raj buy some personalised action figures off the Internet that are disappointing they decide to buy a 3D printer to make their own.  Bernadette looses it with Howard when she finds out how much money he wasted on the action figures and decides to cut him off financially until he learns the value of money.  Elsewhere the University forces Sheldon and Kripke to work together on a project and after they hand over their work to each other that they have done so far Sheldon becomes depressed when Kripke's work is better than his.  However, Kripke thinks it is because Sheldon has a girlfriend who he is too busy having sex with.  To save face Sheldon goes along with it and is hilarious with trying to brag about his exploits.  This leads Penny to question Sheldon about if he would ever actually have a sexual relationship with Amy and is ecstatic when he answers 'it's a possibility'.  It was a very funny episode and Sheldon as always was his usual funny self.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Thirteen - The Bakersfield Expedition

The guys all get ready to go to the Bakersfield Comic Con and Sheldon manages to hack into the Sat Nav changing it to his own voice with trivia.  Meanwhile the girls wonder what is the big deal with comic books and decide to explore.  After venturing to Stuart's comic book store and almost giving all the guys heart attacks they still don't get the fascination but unwittingly find themselves in an argument over Thor's hammer.  Meanwhile, the guy's stop at Vasquez Rocks Park in the Star Trek uniforms for the most hilarious photo shoot ever.  However, the fun gets interrupted when Leonard's car gets stolen and the guys have to wander the desert for help.  Finding themselves at a diner they just decide to go home and return to find the girl's still arguing about comic books.  The episode ends with the car thieves enjoying Sheldon's quizzes on the Sat Nav finishing off a funny episode with a funny scene.    

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Twelve - The Egg Salad Equivalency

Sheldon's assistant Alex is attending a Physics lecture and invites Leonard along.  When he tells her he cannot go she offers to share the highlights over dinner which stuns Leonard and is giddy with the attention.  When Penny finds out Leonard assures her he is devoted to her but cannot hide his excitement over being the object of affection of two hot women.  Sheldon is not happy about the situation and decides to talk to Alex as he feels her attention should be solely focused on him.  As usual he is oblivious to social conventions and unwittingly lands in HR under a sexual harassment complaint.  It gets worse when in trying to defend himself he gets Leonard, Howard and Raj in trouble too.  In order to feel less secure Penny tries learning some science but finds it too boring so instead ops for some glasses that make her look smarter.  Leonard is all for it and they are back on track.  It was a very funny episode and Sheldon just cracks me up with his unawareness in social situations.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Eleven - The Santa Simulation

The boys decide to get together for an old fashioned game night of Dungeons and Dragons which leads the girls to have a night out on their own.  Leonard runs the Dungeons and Dragons theme which involves rescuing Santa Claus but it doesn't all go to plan when it turns out that Sheldon has unfinished business with Santa Claus.  As Raj gets killed early on he joins the girls out on the town which leads them to try and find him a date.  When Raj admits his crushes on both Penny and Bernadette Amy feels left out until Raj and her have a moment which leads to Raj developing the beginnings of feelings for Amy.  Overall it was a decent episode with some funny moments but no where near as funny as last week which was hilarious.    

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Ten - The Fish Guts Displacement

Howard has to have dinner with Bernadette and her parents which leads to an invitation to go fishing with her scary father.  The problem is Howard and none of the guys know how to fish so they turn to the one person they know who can do these more manly tasks; Penny.  Elsewhere as per the relationship agreement Sheldon has to take care of an ill Amy.  However, after she gets used to his bedside manner she continues to act ill even after she recovers.  This episode was hilarious.  Amy was hilarious with her reactions to Sheldon and when he disciplines her for her deception it is priceless, it was like Fifty Shades of Big Bang Theory.  This season the women of The Big Bang Theory are really coming into their own and a lot of the time being the part of the funniest scenes.   

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Nine - The Parking Spot Escalation

When the university gives Howard Sheldon's parking space for his new car it leads to war.  This was a hilarious episode with one act leading to another more serious and equally ridiculous.  The war does not just end with Howard and Sheldon as their other halves join in too.  Amy and Bernadette are hysterical and when they come to blows it leads to Penny getting hurt.  A great episode of The Big Bang Theory which was both clever and funny.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Eight - The 43 Peculiarity

After realising Sheldon disappears for twenty minutes every afternoon Raj and Howard are desperate to find out what he is up to which somehow involves the number 43.  Meanwhile Leonard is jealous when Penny has to do a class project with a British classmate Cole.  This was a very funny episode and when Raj and Howard think they have cracked it their reaction is hilarious.  Leonard is also funny with his jealousy and obsession over his insecurities with his relationship with Penny.  It was a simple episode but The Big Bang Theory at its usual funny self.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Seven - The Habitation Configuration

This week Sheldon upsets Amy when he does not come to her defence when she is insulted by Will Wheaton.  The episode was hilarious although Will Wheaton does irritate me slightly.  After seeking advice from Penny and being loaded up on Long Island Ice Tea Sheldon finally stands up for his woman like a good Texan.  Elsewhere, Bernadette is not happy about Howard still living at his mothers.  Another hilarious episode and with Sheldon at the centre of the narrative that is not hard to believe.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Six - The Extract Obliteration

Penny decides to go back to college but is afraid to tell Leonard.  Meanwhile Sheldon is playing the game 'word with friends' with Stephen Hawking but after he wins Hawking is no where to be seen.  When Howard tells Sheldon that Hawking is a sore loser he deliberately throws the next game an act which leads Hawking to rub it in excessively.  This episode was funny but not The Big Bang Theory at its best.  That said even the mediocre episodes of this show are better than a lot of comedies and I still really enjoyed it.  

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Five - The Holographic Excitation

It's Halloween and the guy's hit a party at Stuart's comic book store but each has their own dram they are dealing with.  Penny is still unsure of her relationship with Leonard and is convinced by the others to take more of an interest in his work.  She decides to go to his lab and the demonstration of his genius is an aphrodisiac for Penny.  Howard cannot stop talking about his trip to space which is grating on everyone especially Bernadette and Raj is upset with Stuart who is taking the credit for all his work on the party.  The episode was good and show is back on track with laughs galore as usual.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Four - The Re-Entry Minimization

Howard returns from outer space and is expecting a triumphant heroes welcome but that is not exactly what happens.  Penny, Amy, Sheldon and Leonard are competing in a series of games, Raj is going to the movies with his new roommate Stuart and Bernadette is sick.  This episode was hilarious especially the scenes with the games and Howie Mandel's cameo.  Also Penny and Sheldon's competitiveness over the games was brilliant and it was nice for Penny to gain the upper hand for once.

The Big Bang Theory - Season Six Episode Three - The Higgs Boson Observation

Inspired by the theoretical work done on the Higgs boson particle years before that could now lead to a Nobel prize Sheldon decided to go through his past works as a child to see if there is anything that could get his a Nobel prize.  In order to get through everything he hires an assistant who takes a shine to Leonard which frustrates Penny.  Elsewhere Howard is loosing it in space and just wants to come home as he misses gravity.  Overall it was a pretty good episode and even in the mediocre episodes of The Big Bang Theory I find hilarious.  This season it kind of feels like the show is a little stilted as there are only so many scenes you can have of Howard and his problems in space.  I cannot put my finger on it but I hope whatever is missing will be sorted out soon as I love The Big Bang Theory.  The best scenes of the episode as always include Sheldon and his quest for Nobel notoriety.

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