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South Park - Season Sixteen Episode Fourteen - Obama Wins!

Hilarious season finale which unsurprisingly takes on the Presidential election but with an as always South Park twist.  It turns out Obama made a deal with the Chinese to secure the election and in order to deliver the Chinese need the one man who can help them, Cartman.  Cartman travels around stealing ballots and ensures Obama's victory.  Now it's his turn to pay up and give the Chinese what they want but Cartman suddenly wants to renegotiate the terms.  When you find out what the Chinese are after and why they are helping Obama is reminds you why you are a fan of South Park as it is absurd and hilarious.  It was a fitting season finale and is South Park is at it's best.

South Park - Season Sixteen Episode Thirteen - A Scause for Applause 

Another funny episode this week taking on Lance Armstrong and his recent drug use controversy.  The episode focuses on the scause bands the residents of South Park wear to show their support for causes.  The episode begins with people queueing to have their wristbands removed as there hero has been found to have used performance enhancing drugs and so has lost support.  South Park not to be accused of not being original do not use Lance Armstrong directly as the fallen hero is this narrative is Jesus Christ.  Turns out he was high on the cross and so did not suffer for our sins at all so the residents are compelled to remove their 'what would Jesus do' wristbands.  Of course it does not take long before they find another hero to follow with a new scause and in typical South Park style it's Stan.  The episode is very funny and clever.  One of my favourite things about South Park is how it deals with current issues or stories and is not afraid of saying what they truly think.

South Park - Season Sixteen Episode Twelve - A Nightmare on Face Time

This week South Park takes on The Shining as Randy buys a Blockbuster store and goes crazy when there are no customers.  Recruiting the family into his madness means Stan is not available to go on a trick or treat Avengers escapade with the boys.  However, all is not lost as with the power of Ipad and face time anything is possible.  Overall the episode was very good with a clever narrative which made countless references to films and popular culture.  Randy is such a funny character and when he takes centre stage in episodes there are guaranteed to be hilarious.  Other points of humour come from no one being able to recognise Cartman's costume one of the funniest mistakes being a green honey boo boo.

South Park - Season Sixteen Episode Eleven - Going Native

As you can see from the promo this weeks South Park episode was about Butter's losing it and start acting out at school.  In response his parents finally tell Butters the truth, that he's not like other kids and he needs to travel to their distant homeland of Hawaii for a ritual.  Not able to travel alone Butters has Kenny to accompany him on his journey.  It was a pretty funny episode overall as when Butters is central to the episode it is usually a safe bet the episode is going to make you laugh.  Kenny's storyline was quite amusing too especially in his letters home to the boys in South Park.  One of the funniest moments for me was Butters anger towards Ben Afleck and his many rants regarding him.  Another good episode from South Park although not as good as last weeks Bane inspired episode.

South Park - Season Sixteen Episode Ten - Insecurity

This week in the town of South Park the husbands are worried about their wives as the luxury of having packages delivered to your doorstep is now corrupted by the lustful ways of the UPS man.  This episode was hilarious partly due to the use of the Bane mask and voice which was the point of the episode where it all came together for me.  The episode also focuses on security both for your home and yourself highlighting that there is no such device that can deal with the insecurity we feel.  This was South Park on form as every scene brought another bout of laughter.  The Bane references were just the icing on the cake for me.

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