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Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Thirteen - Carl Gets a Roommate

Even though Carl has moved out he still annoys his Grandmother with his expectation that she still does his washing etc...  After Mike suggests that Carl lets Samuel move in he quickly gets Samuel to take over his Grandmother's duties and become his cook, cleaner etc...  Elsewhere, Mike is getting frustrated with panelling the basement walls and when Carl and Samuel come over separately to vent over their anger at each other Mike takes advantage and gets them to do the panelling for him.  Overall a decent enough episode that was pretty funny.

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Twelve - Molly's Birthday

It is Molly's birthday and Mike has planned the whole day which was pretty easy as he was left a complete itinerary from Molly.  The plans get interrupted though when Victoria invites her drug dealer to stay with them which leads to Mike accidently eating some dosed gelato.  Stoned Mike was pretty funny but for some reason he came over all cave man which was a little strange.  I loved that Carl didn't even notice though as he clearly is very observant for a police officer.  Molly blamed Victoria for it and they have an argument which leads Victoria to decide to go back to school.  I love any episodes that have a lot from Victoria as she is hilarious and she had one of the best lines of the episode regarding having to start soon as she plans on taking a history class and if she waits there will be a lot more to learn.  A very funny episode.

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Eleven - Fish for Breakfast

Molly is on a health food kick and decides to enlist Mike into it as well.  They are doing anything and everything to increase their chances on getting pregnant which includes eating more fish and cutting out coffee.  Personally I would not survive without my caffiene jolt and the thought of eating fish that is looking at me is my worst nightmare so I feel for Mike in this episode.  Elsewhere, Carl is whoring himself around since his break up with Christina and his Grandmother kicks him out as she is fed up.  It was a much needed but difficult thing for her to do and is probably the best thing for Carl as he needs to get his life together.  

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Ten - Karaoke Christmas

Mike becomes frustrated with Molly's spending as she maxes out all her credit cards for Christmas presents. Even dressed as Santa he vents to the children about it but his rant is cut short when his boss tells him he is spending Christmas with his mother.  Molly and the family had a lovely relaxed Christmas planned but Mike and Molly have to spend it in church with his boss and her mother.  It was another pretty funny episode and well worth a watch.

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Nine - Mike Takes a Test

Molly encourages Mike to take the test to become a detective.  However once he starts to study he becomes very focused and there seems to be a switch of roles from last weeks episode where this time it is Molly desperate for the 'love machine'.  It was a pretty funny episode but mostly I felt that it was more of a set up for the narrative of Mike to become a Detective.  The narrative will likely be ongoing for a while but this episode served the foundation for it and so any specific humour was to that end.  It was still quite funny and worth a watch.

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Eight - Mike Likes Briefs

Mike and Molly are still trying to have a baby but the test keep coming up negative.  Rather than just go with the flow Mike actively tries everything to help make a baby from dried rhino penis to a sex ramp.  With all his enthusiasm Molly is worried the romance has gone and the baby making is too regimented.  It was a funny episode as all the characters had their moments and their share of the funny lines.  It was nice to see more of Katy Mixon as she is hilarious as Victoria.  

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Seven - Thanksgiving is Cancelled

This week it's Thanksgiving but the big plans are scratched when Mike becomes ill.  However, this is news is not necessarily a bad thing as this means the ladies of the house can take a break from all the cooking.  Meanwhile Joyce looses patience with Vince failing to set a date for their wedding and Carl takes Samuel to his church for a singles Thanksgiving mixer in the hopes of finding women.  It was a pretty funny episode and it was nice to see characters such as Vince, Joyce and Victoria get more scenes as they are very funny and add to the shows appeal.  A lot of the comedy this week came from scenes involving Vince and his brother who is visiting.  A good episode that was funny and allowed characters who have been pushed to the background recently get more to do which was nice to see.

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Six - Yard Sale

Molly decides to do a yard sale when her mum suggests they move into the basement which is piled up with boxes.  In view of a clear out, which seems to involve all Mike's stuff, a yard sale is the perfect solution.  Meanwhile Mike and the guys take Carl fishing to try and get him over Christina.  It was a decent episode and had its moments but felt a little like a filler episode and didn't overly drive the narrative further.  I know that Katy Mixon is also working on Eastbound & Down so has a lot on but it would be nice to see her used more as she is brilliant as the sister Victoria.

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Five - Mike's Boss

This week Mike hooks his boss up with his mother, what could possibly go wrong?  As expected it starts off rosy with Basketball tickets and a flash new police car but it doesn't take long before it goes south.  Mike's mum is lonely and has developed a weird animal infestation which is likely in her head but of course is Mike's problem now too since the Captain thinks he should spend more time with his sweet lovely mother.  Overall a pretty funny episode which introduces a narrative which will no doubt rear it's head in episodes to come.

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Four - Molly in the Middle

This week showcased Melissa McCarthy's talent this week as she took center stage and was in pretty much every scene.  The narrative for the episode focused on Mike and Molly deciding to have a baby and then Molly goes and upsets both Mike and Carl when she remains friends with Christina.  Melissa McCarthy has such comedic timing and delivers her lines with such skills.  My only question with the episode is where is her sister Victoria?  Katy Mixon is brilliant as Victoria and she needs to be used more.  This week however was so much better than last week with Molly developing her friendship with Carl and brilliant in her car scene with Christina. 

Mike and Molly - Season Three Episode Three - Mike Likes Cake

This week Molly is frustrated with the wedding pictures where Mike has a weird facial expression in every one and Carl meets Christina's superstar athlete ex-husband. To top it off it's the screening of the wedding video but it's not as dull as it sounds as they take a shot every time Mike takes a bite of cake which means intoxication is not far off. It was a fairly average episode this week as there are only so many episodes you can re-hash the wedding. There wasn't much mum or Victoria which often deliver the best lines and it was more sad than funny. The Carl storyline felt a little rushed and with very little build up. Overall not a great episode. 

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