CSI: New York

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Fourteen - White Gold

After a pizza maker is killed in a suspecting carjacking the team investigate only to find out it is not what it first seems.  Mac looks closer into the victims Uncle into the case and was very sweet with him.  I enjoyed the episode and thought the narrative was very sad with the Uncle's feeling of failure in keeping his nephew safe.  Mac tries his best to console him and was so sweet with him.  

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Thirteen - Nine Thirteen

The CSIs are called in when a masked man falls to his death off a building famous for mysterious deaths.  It turns out to be murder rather than suicide as his throat was slit and the team analyse the evidence to find the killer.  Meanwhile on her day off Jo confronts a man who has been following her and she is surprised to find out the reason.  The man received a heart transplant from Jo's late sister and wanted to know what she was like.  It obviously digs up some painful memories for Jo but in the end it seems to have been a therapeutic experience.  Lindsay also tells Danny that she is pregnant which is no surprise as the whole team was betting on when she would tell him.    

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Twelve - Civilized Lives 

An off-duty police officer is killed during an armed robbery and the entire NYPD is determined to find the men responsible.  Working together the team trick one of the suspects into leading them to the guy who pulled the trigger.  It was an emotional episode which is generally the case in cop shows where an officer is killed.  Mac is furious and Lindsay is particularly affected as she knew the victim and does her best to console the son who is a cadet.  

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Eleven - Command+P

Two separate murders are linked by the use of an unusual murder weapon.  Meanwhile, a mysterious guardian angel is giving $1 million cheques to what appears to be random strangers.  Soon a businessman takes credit for the generosity but Jo works out who the real guardian angel is and confronts him.  Sid confides to Jo that he has terminal cancer in a very heartbreaking scene.  It was appropriate that he confided to Jo as since she arrived they have had a connection that has made them very good friends and she has the motherly caring side too.     

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Ten - The Real McCoy

After a co-owner of a popular bar is found killed the CSIs have to find out who killed him.  Meanwhile Adam visits his father who has Alzheimer's at a nursing home trying to find acknowledgement over the physical abuse he suffered as a child at his fathers hands.  It was an interesting episode and it was nice to learn more about Adam as he has largely been in the background for most of the show.  I was also very impressed with A.J Buckley's acting in the episode that needed him to connect emotionally to the characters experiences.  Buckley came across very believable and you really felt for him as he connected with both the material and the audience.  The actual case was intriguing as the man was killed on his way to make a deposit at the bank.  Rather than just a simple robbery the killer only stole $10,000 and left the rest of the money with the CSIs left wondering why.  It was an enjoyable episode and worth a watch if not only to get to know the character of Adam a little better.

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Nine - Blood Out 

Detective Lovato's past as an undercover cop comes back to interfere with her present when she gets spotted by a member of the crew she infiltrated.  This leads to the brutal torture and murder of the gang member who she was close to and ended up developing feelings for.  It was a decent enough episode and it was good to learn more about Lovato and there was a development in her relationship with Flack too.  I did like how they are taking it slow and not rushing in to anything that would come across as false or forced.  

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Eight - Late Admissions

This week there were two narratives one in New York which involved the murder of a teenage boy who was on the verge of revealing the use of performance enhancing drugs at his school and who happened to be the son of an ADA who is a friend of Mac's.  The other narrative took us to Montana where Lindsay was in order to attend the execution of Daniel Katums the killer of her friend's when she was a child.  Both were interesting narratives in their own way and I enjoyed the episode.  I have always found the Lindsay story line interesting in terms of her past horrors but something about this development felt too easy.  Katums denies he is the killer all the way through after all these years and a one minute conversation with Lindsay suddenly he is apologising for what he has done.  Obviously this was to allow closure but it just felt a little rushed and forced.  The other narrative back in New York highlighted the pressures young people are under to perform at school and the ease of access to drugs that on one hand help but on the other are dangerous.  It was a good story line and Mac's relationship with the father was sweet and I was glad it did not go down the predictable route as I was surprised as even though I realised who the killer was about half way through I still thought it was not the obvious.  A pretty good episode overall.  

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Seven - Clue: SI

This week the CSI team is on the trail of a killer making a game out of his crimes.  Following the logic of the game Clue or Cluedo for us Brits he kills White with the rope in the Conservatory etc...  I cannot decide if I found this angle to the narrative interesting or lame to be honest.  On one hand it was a different take on a familiar story but on the other the reasoning the killer had for using the game theme was so ridiculous.  An average episode overall.

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Six - The Lady in the Lake

After draining a lake in search of a murder weapon the CSI team find something more than they were planning on after they discover a dead woman in a ball gown.  The case leads to an affluent man who was dating the victim and his mother who was not overjoyed with the relationship.  It was an average narrative with a predictable fairytale style but it was enjoyable enough.    

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Five - Misconceptions

The case of a murdered young boy gets re-opened after years when the main suspect gets killed back in the same neighbourhood.  In order to solve the case the team end up opening old wounds and in turn end up solving both cases.  It was a really good narrative which was both interesting and saddening at the same time.  To see the impact on the young boys family after all the years of not knowing and on Mac who was a new detective at the time of the boys disappearance.  Elsewhere, after Jo gets nowhere when she confronts Mac on his after effects of his injuries from last seasons finale she decides to try to enlist Christine's help.  Mac is obviously not happy with Jo and lets her know it in a veiled threat which seemed a little harsh but I am sure he will apologise quick enough next episode.  I hope things work out with Christine too and he tells her what is going on with him as they are great together and he needs help with what he is going through.

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Four - Unspoken

The CSI team search for a shooter who attempts to kill a politician and in the process causes Lindsay to get hurt.  Sounds like just another CSI episode but what was really interesting about this episode was that in the first half hour there is no dialogue.  Not only was this surprising for a network show but for a show that largely has to explain what the characters are doing, for example in lab work, I was pleasantly surprised.  The best thing about the episode, other than the Green Day music, was that it really allowed the actors to highlight their talent and show they are actually really good actors.  I really enjoyed the episode and thought it was a brave choice of the writers and one that in my opinion paid off.

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Three - 2,918 Miles

The team rush to San Francisco to help save a young girl's life and Jo Danville gets to have some fun with an old colleague from the FBI.  However her fun gets interrupted by catching her daughter with a boy in the dark.  Jo's insecurities get enhanced with the case involving a girl of similar age as she does her best to connect with her daughter.  A pretty good episode and it was nice to see Jo's personal life explored a little more as that has not happened for a while and she is obviously the character we know the least. 

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode Two - Where There's Smoke

Rob Morrow returns but this time it's not to help but rather to be chased as the team search for his motive for his killing spree in order to save the next victim.  It was an interesting episode and saw the introduction of a new cast member, Jamie Lovato, who feels more like a Jessica Angel mark two.  From her first scene where she takes down a muscle man in the squad room on her own there were sparks flying between her and Flack which is nice as he has been a little lost since Jessica's death.  However, I find it a little weird how much Lovato is like Angel not only in looks but also personality.  Obviously Flack has a type but if they got together it would feel more like a replacement rather than evidence of moving on.  That said she seems like a really good character and I look forward to see what happens.  

CSI: New York - Season Nine Episode One - Reignited

After Mac's friend, an FDNY firefighter gets killed in a suspicious fire.  Mac discovers a link to cases from fifteen years earlier and with the help of pyromaniac Rob Morrow tracks the arsonist.  It was a pretty good season premiere but I'm not sure if the writing is on the wall for CSI:NY as this is the second season to be reduced to only 18 episodes and the time slot has been switched twice already this season.  I hope the show continues but I am fearful of it following the footsteps of CSI:Miami although it is no where near as bad.  The narrative of Mac's problems resulting from his injuries sustained in last seasons finale were introduced and will no doubt be explored as the series continues. 

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